Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 83. Featuring new tracks from Fury Weekend, Aesthetic Perfection, Devo and lots more.

1. Fury Weekend feat. The Anix — Illumination
2. Aesthetic Perfection feat. Chemical Sweet Kid — Lockdown
3. Cutoff:Sky — Pressure
4. BlueForge — Fading & Fall
5. Spektralized — Horizon
6. ESA — I want it now
7. FrozenPlasma — Sailor
8. Nation of Language — The Wall & I
9. Vandal Moon — Hurt
10. Devo — Stuck in a Loop
11. Avarice in Audio feat. Assemblage 23 — I Pray
12. Xenturion Prime — Embers
13. Empathy Test — Doubts
14. And Void feat. Andy Deane — Midnight Black

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