Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 82. Featuring new tracks from Go Fight, Rotersand, Moby, Cyferdyne and lots more.

1. Ginger Snap5 — Wild Running (Single Edit)
2. Unitcode:Machine — Paper Empires (Uncreated Remix)
3. Go Fight — Ghosts of the Earth (Deep One Tribe)
4. Cutoff:Sky — Solace
5. Cyferdyne — Breathe Deeper (Single Edit)
6. Synapsyche — Meds
7. T-Error Machinez ft. Alien:Nation — Hellraiser (Suicide Commando Cover)
8. Funker Vogt — Date of Expiration (Neumix)
9. Psy’Aviah feat. Mark Bebb — Hold On (Cyborgdrive Remix)
10. Tukt — Chaos Coming On
11. Torul — You and Me
12. Noise Resistance — Scars
13. Moby — Refuge
14. The Wants — The Motor
15. Octolab — Aim for His Head
16. Die Braut — Without Time
17. Human League — Cruel Young Lover
18. Eisfabrik — No Matter
19. Rotersand — When You Go
20. Essenger — Lost Boys (feat. Young Medicine)

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