Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 77. Featuring new tracks from KMFDM, Underworld, Faderhead and lots more.

1. KMFDM — Megalo
2. Reichsfeind — Chasm Walk
3. Suppressor — Shaman (Pump My Witch Mix)
4. Faderhead — Murder
5. Stoneburner — Minor Monsters (The Secret Light Remix)
6. Nohycit — Repulsion
7. C/A/T — Nostalgia Termination
8. Unity One — Bring the Storm (Assemblage 23 Remix)
9. Eisfabrik — White Sheet (Frozen Plasma Version)
10. Fused — Body Moves (Hands and Feet Mix)
11. Angeltheory — Into the Fall
12. Ginger Snap5 — Pieces of Regret
13. Underworld — Dexter’s Chalk

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