Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 76. Featuring new tracks from KMFDM, Grendel, Faderhead, The Anix and lots more.

1. Go Fight — Underneath the Radar
2. The Juan MacLean — What Do You Feel Free About?
4. Faderhead — Asteria
5. Grendel — Brace the Storm
6. Nature of Wires — Madame Serena
7. LorD and Master — Nameless (LAM Extended Mix)
8. RROYCE — Too Little (Rotoskop’s Dancer Remix)
9. C-Lekktor — Out Of My Way (Supressor Remix)
10. 3FORCE — Nuke
11. Terrolokaust — Freedom Waits
12. [:SITD:] — Sturmlicht (Shiv-R Remix)
13. Stoneburner — Let It Come Down
14. Aesthetic Perfection — Ebb and Flow (Deadbeat Remix)
15. The Anix — Enemy In The Mirror
16. Black Futures — Love (feat. P.O.S.)
17. Angeltheory — Into the Fall
18. Erasure — Elevation (BT Remix)
19. Bedless Bones — Revelations

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