Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 75. Featuring new tracks from Hot Chip, Xotox. C-Lekktor, Rotersand, Bastille and lots more.

1. THXM — Methane
2. GAIA — Europa
3. Mondträume — All You Cannot See (Octolab Remix)
4. Bastille — Joy
5. Rotersand — You Know Nothing (Extended Version)
6. evo-lution — Commander (FabrikC Remix)
7. Nórdika — Lust (For a Frozen Heart)
8. Mördelin — Into the Sea
9. Xotox — Paleodisco (Club-Mix)
10. Aesthetische feat. Mari Kattman — Blue Print (Original Club Mix)
11. Stoneburner — The Structure Itself is in Pain (Christ Analog Remix)
12. Aviators feat. Moonraccoon — Lost Boys
13. C-Lekktor — Inexistencia (Suicide Commando Remix)
14. Hot Chip — Melody of Love
15. Psy’Aviah feat. Saydi Driggers — Dream Fever (Disquette.s vs. Psy’Aviah Remix)
16. Ofenbach feat. Benjamin Ingrosso — Paradise

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