Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 69. Featuring new tracks from VNV Nation, Solitary Experiments, Funker Vogt, The Prodigy and lots more.

1. VNV Nation — Impresed
2. Solitary Experiments — Every Time (People Theatre RMX)
3. The Prodigy — Timebomb Zone
4. Alien Vampires feat. Chainreactor — Hyperbolic Doubt
5. FabrikC — Electric World
6. Helix — Like a Drug
7. Radioaktivists — Reach out
8. Ashbury Heights — Firebird
9. The Anix — This Machine
10. Solar Fake — A Bullet Left for You
11. Studio-X vs. Simon Carter — I’m Alive (Time to Fight)
12. Wulfband — Kaos MF
13. Mono Inc. — Welcome to Hell
14. Juno Reactor — Showtime
15. Noise Unit — Liberation
16. Uncreated — In This World (Evolving Remix)
17. Empathy Test — Incubation Song (The New Division Remix)
18. Funker Vogt — Wasteland
19. Roosevelt — Take Me Back
20. Lane 8 — No Captain (Dirty South Remix)
21. !Distain — Maid Of Freedom (A Modern Effigy Remix)

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