Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 68. Featuring new tracks from Funker Vogt, Underworld, Peter Heppner, Ashbury Heights, The Prodigy, Solar Fake, Solitary Experiments, and lots more.

1. Funker Vogt — Crucify Me
2. Blutengel — Surrender to the Darkness
3. Go Fight — Breaking the Skin
4. Espen Kraft — Americana
5. Peter Heppner — Just One Word (PixTom Mix)
6. C-Lekktor feat. Maria Xoniki — Dreams (2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Cover)
7. Helix — Expensive Things
8. Solitary Experiments — I Am (Lockup Rmx By Neuroticfish)
9. Korengal — Bust Down
10. Cutoff:Sky — Let’s Start
11. Nachtmahr — Gehorsam
12. Dkag — Slimelight Muzik (Chainreactor Remix)
13. Noisuf-X — Banzai (Tenno Heika)
14. FabrikC feat. C-Lekktor — Independent Riot Corps
15. Reactor7x — Acid Symphony
16. Ashbury Heights — Science
17. Solar Fake — Just Like This
18. St. Lucia — Last Dance
19. Genesis’84 feat. Nanoking — Way to Restore the Hope
20. The Prodigy — Light Up the Sky
21. Aktivehate — U Got 2 Let the Music (Cappella Cover)
22. Sister Electra — Not Until Forever
23. The Alarm — Thirteen Dead Reindeer
24. Strfkr — Dark Days (Pixelated Remix)
25. Underworld feat. Iggy Pop — Bells & Circles
26. Cosby — Dust

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