Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 67. Featuring new tracks from Hybrid, Underworld, Juno Reactor, De/Vision, Owl City, and lots more.

1. Hybrid — Hold Your Breath
2. For all the Emptiness — No Words of Power
3. Blume — Blackening
4. PreEmptive Strike 0.1 — Pyrrhic Victory
5. Alien Produkt — Produkt of Human Error
6. Alpha IrRadiation — Reinforcement (X-Red remix)
7. Go Fight — Civilized
8. Projekt Ich feat. Erik Stein — This Time I’m Over You (Fourth Engine Remix)
9. Red Cell — The Ladder
10. De/Vision — Not In My Nature
11. Komrads — Control
12. Red Mecca — Alcohol
13. Logic & Olivia — Night of Despair
14. ManMindMachine — Resistance
15. Juno Reactor — Dakota
16. Millimetric — Deflection (Ethan Fawkes Remix)
17. Norderney — Distress Call
18. Underworld feat. Iggy Pop — Trapped
19. Owl City — Fiji Water
20. Oh Land — Hjem

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