Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 64. Featuriung new tracks from A Perfect CIrcle, Gang of Four, The Anix, Frozen Plazma and lots more.

1. Nevada Hardware — Hybrid Machine
2. Korine — Not in Love
3. Scandroid — Shout (DJ Stranger Remix)
4. Confidence Man — Better Sit Down Boy
5. Devil-M — Incited Volition (SynthAttack Remix)
6. The Gothsicles — Konami Code (Studio-X Remix)
7. Nostromo — Freeze
8. Unity One — Bring the Storm
9. Strvngers — WanderLust
10. Binary Park — How strange
11. Norderney — Through the Fire
12. Ctrl — Overtaken
13. Vogon Poetry — Tomorrow (Glenn Main Remix)
14. Cold Drive — Soulless (DavaNtage remix)
15. T-4-2 — The Poison in Me (Venom Mix)
16. Frozen Plasma — Safe. Dead. Harm.
17. Moonbootica — Lost & Found
18. Agent Side Grinder — Doppelaänger
19. Null+Void feat. Dave Gahan — Where I Wait (Null+Void Rework)
20. Seadrake feat. Frank M. Spinath — Lower Than This (Someday)
21. Blue Stahli — Enemy (Gydra Remix)
22. Zola Jesus — Bound
23. Oh Land — I Vand
24. A Perfect Circle — The Doomed
25. Gang Of Four — Lucky (10 O’Clock Chemical Remix)
26. The Completers — Silence
27. The Anix — Fight The Future
28. Lanks — twentyseven
29. Michael Oakley — Rabbit In The Headlights (Michael Cassette Remix)
30. The Family Crest — It Keeps Us Dancing

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