Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 63. Featuriung new tracks from Ladytron, Ministry, Infected Mushroom, Moby, Tiësto and lots more.

1. Ladytron — The Animals (Vince Clarke Remix)
2. Tiësto & MOTi — Break the House Down
3. CyberLich — Terror Musik
4. Cryo — Control ( Remix)
5. Infected Mushroom — Saeed (Paranormal Attack & Skazi Remix)
6. Monstergod — The Living Torch
7. Sirus — Neon Dominion (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
8. C-Lekktor — King of the Underworld
9. Mr. Kitty — Spirit of the Forest (Strvngers Remix)
10. Ctrl — Deviations
11. Binary Park — Dream Like This
12. Cardinal Noire — Controlled Addiction
13. Ministry — Antifa
14. Chainreactor — Decayed Values
15. BloodConnek7ion — United From the Core
16. Schlaganfall Zone — Dreamcatcher (Instrumental)
17. Norderney — Phoenix
18. Moby — Like a Motherless Child
19. Dirty South feat. ANIMA! — Next to You
20. Plastic Autumn — No More Lies
21. George FitzGerald feat. Tracey Thorn — Half-Light (Night Version)

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