Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 57. Featuring new tracks from Suicide Commando, Gary Numan, LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, UNKLE, The Cruxshadows and a lot more.

1. Suicide Commando — Crack Up

2. Slave Republic — Dorian Gray

3. ES23 feat. SynthAttack — In the End

4. Red Cell — Lust (2017 Version)

5. System Noire — On the Other Side (Ruined Conflict Remix)

6. Frozen Nation — Gengis Khan (Leave Right Now)

7. Gary Numan — When The World Comes Apart

8. Christopher Anton — Don’t Let Me Go

9. Wychdoktor — Blackmagick (MMXVII)

10. Blue Stahli — Car Chase Club Action

11. The Hundred In The Hands — Red Eyes Rising

12. Tricky feat. Mina Rose — Dark Days

13. The Crüxshadows — Infinity (You Don’t See Me)

14. Pyrroline — Divine Revelation (Remix By One Eye Wanders)

15. After the Rain — Nancy in Hell

16. Arcade Fire — Signs of Life

17. This Morn’ Omina — Ayahuasca (Let’s Shift Together) [CCF]

18. GingerSnap5 — I Disappear (Club Version)

19. LorD and Master — Invincible (LorD and Master extended mix)

20. Dave Depper — Your Voice On the Radio (feat. Laura Gibson)

21. Hearts Of Black — Science Until Morning

22. Cut Copy — Living Upside Down

23. LCD Soundsystem — i used to

24. UNKLE feat. Liela Moss — Sunrise (Always Comes Around)

25. Kaleida — All The Pretty Pieces

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