Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 55. Featuring new tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numen, Lorde, The XX, and lot more.

  1. T.O.Y. — Color Matching
  2. Gary Numan — My Name Is Ruin
  3. Fix8:sed8 — Permanent Memory Loss
  4. The Hundred In The Hands — Wade Up
  5. Oscillian — Attack Ships on Fire
  6. Controlled Collapse — Simple Story
  7. Synthetische Lebensform — UltraCorps
  8. Nine Inch Nails — Less Than
  9. Fires — To Be All Alone (Legion Mix By Interface)
  10. Maneater — Domination Overkill (Nolongerhuman Remix)
  11. Zeta — Gates of Hell
  12. Omnimar — Boom Boom
  13. Soon, She Said — Sad Smiling Girls
  14. Palast — Mirror Mirror
  15. Scheuber — Spiritwalker
  16. Janrevolution — Man Without Return (Extended Mix)
  17. SIN D.N.A. — God Killer
  18. Lorde — Supercut
  19. The XX — On Hold
  20. Biosphere — Black Mesa
  21. Ki:Theory — Walkin’ After Midnight (feat. Maura Davis)

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