Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 54. Featuring new tracks from Funker Vogt, Erasure, UNKLE, GusGus, and lot more.

1. Stoneburner — Osafa Chram (Go Fight Remix)

2. Mortiis — The Shining Lamp of God (Leæther Strip Remix)

3. Funker Vogt — Phoenix

4. The Horrorist — Programmed (Lado Remix)

5. William Control — Analog Flesh in a Digital World

6. Cutoff:Sky — The Girls

7. GusGus Featherlight

8. Erasure — Love You To The Sky (Vince Clarke Remix)

9. Me The Tiger — Ariana (Martin Moral Remix)

10. Scheuber — Unbound

11. ARGH — Dream A Dream

12. Ten After Dawn — Melody 13. Rein — C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M.

14. Velvet Acid Christ — Cog

15. Sekunde — Andacht

16. District 13 — it doesn’t matter

17. Benjamin’s Plague — Cutlery for the Crippled

18. Simbolo EBM — 1964

19. Zola Blood — Play Out

20. Eden — Sky Above

21. UNKLE — The Road (feat. ESKA)


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