Back again, with this incredibly hard aggro mix. There is a bit of an aural break from Solar Fake and their killer cover of Talk Talk’s “It’s a Shame” as well as brilliant new tracks from Assemblage 23 and The Presets both of which have delivered albums that are excellent from beginning to end. Hope you all dig the mix. If so, please leave a comment and share the page with your friends. – DJ L.D.

  1. Malakwa — Monster (Kant Kino Mix)
  2. Massiv In Mensch — Hans Gruber (Remix by Regenerator)
  3. Distorted Memory — Nomads
  4. Phosgore — Panzerfaust Schiessen
  5. God Destruction — In Nomine Del Nostri Satanas
  6. Solar Fake — Such A Shame
  7. Mindless Faith — Love is a Dirty Word
  8. Noisuf-X — Done In 15 Minutes
  9. Suicide Commando — Attention Whore
  10. Assemblage 23 — God is a Strangely Absent Father
  11. The Presets — Fall
  12. Solitary Experiments — Alles Was Bleibt (Feat. A. HARTUNG)
  13. Mechanical Apfelsine — Second Sun
  14. Surgyn — Aesthetics (Are A Moral Imperative)
  15. System Syn — Chemical (Cellmod Remix)
  16. Filter — Hey Man Nice Shot (mentalEscape Cover Remix)
  17. Dirty K — Torrent of Fury